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Our Denomination's History

In the 1960s, Rev. Troy Perry was ostracized from the Pentecostal denomination of churches when he came out as homosexual. He and his wife divorced, and she took the children, whom he would not see again for many years.

Troy moved to California and took up residence in Huntington Park. After a relationship break-up and a failed suicide attempt, Troy received the Word that “God has a ministry for you. You are going to pastor a church." Then a gay friend of Perry’s was harassed and arrested by the police. In his desperation, the young man said to Troy. “God doesn’t care. God doesn’t care about gay people.” That spurred Perry to hold the very first MCC worship service. 


That first Sunday church service finally arrived — October 6, 1968.

The MCC denomination has since grown to be an internationally-recognized church. For more information, click here.

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